Your Gut Feeling is Always Right

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Your Gut Feeling is Always Right

Believe it or not, your gut is always right! I for one hated to admit it because i used to ignore all the signs then i ask myself after like “what was that” You can imagine what its like to walk into something knowing very well what you are supposed to do but you choose to do something else instead. I wish there was an antidote for this rebellious trait but guess what, especially after what 2020 did to us. I learnt the heard way. All I do now is wait and listen to my gut because it is the compass we were created with to help us lead a better life on earth. Its truly not easy to know which voice is talking especially when there is many. (welcome to my world. lol) It takes so much to actually be in tune with your intuition. I am sure we all know what a gut feeling is. Now how do you know when to listen to the voice ? Its very simple, I am going to discuss a few ways on how you can tap into that magical guide. Its going to help you make better choices moving forward.

Silence is Golden.

I am sure you can agree with me that some time taken to meditate works wonders. When you set at-least 20mins a day just to have some silence to yourself, as the day progresses you tend to make better choices. Silence is one of the ways you can tap into your intuition. Meditation helps you clear mental clutter. Just allowing yourself to let all those thoughts come and go without attaching to them allows your gut feeling to come into play full force. Your gut does not stop telling you what to do hey, its always ahead of you. Spend sometime connecting with yourself in-order to identify your intuition when it speaks to you. 

Let go of old feelings

Sometimes we make the wrong choices because we are always using our past experiences as references to make future decisions. As twisted as this sentence is, you have to allow yourself to let go of the old feelings. Feelings of hurt, disappointment and fear only make your life worse. Do not make any choice based on how you got hurt the last time. Rather make a calculated choice, allow room for growth and always know you have the power to create situations and experiences according to how you feel. Its true when they say we have the power to create and experience life the way we want to based on the vibrations we give off. All I can say is, your gut will always be there to make sure you have beautiful experiences, always listen to it. Get rid of the old negative feelings as the only make you go through the same negative situations. 

Mind the company you keep

People around us contribute to whether we listen to our gut feeling or not. Believe it or not, there is a thing called vibration. Vibes are shared. When you are feeling good, happy and composed, you tend to share that energy with those around you. If you feeling low, sad, fearful, guess what, the same energy is shared to those around you. Watch the people you keep around as their energy can affect you too. If you are vibrating high, you tend to make the right choices, your intuition is at its peak and you see your life flowing effortlessly. The aim is to always keep the vibrations high. There is a post on the huffingpost, it talks about the benefits of keeping a higher vibration. You should check it out. 

I hope this helps you realize you are not alone. I mean your gut is with you. Always. Take some time, get to know it and see how effortless life gets.