You are Blessed!

You Are Blessed!

As the month comes to an end, I hope you realize that you are blessed. So many have lost their lives. Its really sad. Covid keeps claiming lives among other things that kill people everyday. If you are reading this, you are blessed to be alive. Sometimes we are clouded by our challenges so much we do not even realise how blessed we are. There are so many things to be grateful for. If you manage to wake up each day, that is a blessing. IF you can see, smell, hear, taste and walk… my dear you are blessed. If you have family or siblings still alive, a lover and friends.. you are truly blessed. It is not easy to navigate in this life, imagine some other people have to do it all alone. I hope you find it in you to count all your blessings and never take anything or anyone in your life for granted. 

As humans we tend to think that materialistic and financial benefits are the only blessings, they do compliment our lives and make it better. However, true blessings are found in life itself. In the existence and experiences you have is what determines your blessings. I believe we are all God’s children and he loves us all equally. You are more blessed than you realise, so i want you to know that no matter what challenge you face, see it as a test to upgrade to another level. Do not compare what others have to what you have, cause usually it leaves you feeling less and you feel as if God is not blessing you enough. Remember we are all on a different path. You have no idea what that person may be going through to actually attain all that they have. All you have to do is focus on you and the blessings will flow like water. 

God is always faithful and he will always be on your side no matter what. Bear in mind, we are here for different reasons. Just remain humble and prayerful. Everything will always work out in the end. I am a living testimony. Never forget how blessed you are. As the new month starts, i wish you all the best in everything you pursuing. May you be safe and guided in each steps. Always pray and remain centered on your goals. You will achieve all your heart’s desires if you believe.