Winners of Valentines In South Africa

khanyi mbau valentines 2021

Winners of Valentines This Year

This year’s valentines was one in a million. Reason being, everyone tried their level best to show out for social media. I received come good love from my partner. I am grateful. As for these ladies I am writing about, they clearly breathe heavenly air because wow. I mean WOW they gave us goals. I swear if my man doesnt up his game next year, we are going to have some problems. lol. first up is Queen Khanyi Mbau. Her majesty was spoilt rotten by her newly found King. I mean who had 1000 roses laid on the floor ever ? Nobody right? Followed by some love showing throughout the day, I must say Khanyi Mbau indeed won valentines this year.

khanyi mbau valentines 2021
Khanyi Mbau sitting surrounded by 1000 roses 😍😍😍😍😍😍

Lerato Kganyako and Husband at the FNB stadium for Valentines day 2021

Up next we have an all time valentine’s stunner. Lerato Kganyago had the whole stadium celebrate valentines with her! Guys LKG’s man needs to write a book for all these other men so they can learn how to treat a woman. Last year she had the whole house filled with rose petals and this year a whole stadium booked just for her and her mans. Lord when you blessed other kids… You blessed Lerato extra! 

I am always celebrating joyous moments for everyone. The stunt Lerato’s husband pulled is one in a million. She is really blessed and highly favored. They had Zonke perform. From LV gifts to bubbly, I dont think there is anyone who enjoyed valentines more than these too. Absolutely beautiful. 

Love is beautiful. It brings people together, builds homes, creates a future and occuasionally celebrating it makes life worth a living. My next winner of valentines 2021 is Ari Fletcher. Moneybaggyo has really showed us how to know when someone loves you. These two have always showed each other love several times by buying each other gifts. I am so happy for them. 

ari fletcher valentines day 2021 gifts from moneybagg

Our favs Nick and Priyanka always show up too. There is nothing more majestic than being surrounded by red roses guys! I am in love with this picture. Priyanka Chopra’s love story is one that has all the ladies feeling envious. She married Nick. Almost every woman had a crush on Nick Jonas.

The other thing was how everyone went on and on about how she is older than him. At the end of the day, love conquers all. Since they got married in December 2018, this couple has been growing stronger by the day. We are still waiting on the little though its none of our business when that will happen. 

I love how they are so composed as the most loved couple. Apparently they show a lot of PDA. How cute. I mean if Jonas was mine too id kiss him every second. Lol

Last to the list is Megan Thee Stallion. Now this one took me by suprise because we all thought Megan was single. Babygirl has a man and he is fine. He loves her so much, he literally worships the ground she walks on. He suprised her with a valentines gateway which was so cute. Had the whole private jet decorated and $hit 😍😍😍😍😍 Yup Megan won valentines too. I am so happy for her newly found love,