What are the best ways to improve your personality?

What are the best ways to improve your personality?

Have you ever walked in to a store and after that ended up buying things that you didn’t even need? The store host would have been so nice and sweet you just want to spend more time speaking to this person. Well what i can tell you is, this person has an amazing personality. Its how they spoke to you, looked at you, body language, how they smelt probably or engaged with you. In life you need to have a good personality in order to achieve your goals. Its how you talk to others or spend time with others for them to like you and enjoy your presence. Here is some values on how you can improve your personality

Smile often

Yes, all you have to do is smile, to people you know, to people you dont know. Make sure you are welcoming and kind. Everyone is really having a challenging life and the last thing you want is to make that person’s any worse. Be good and sweet and smile, you never know what that could do for that person to feel better. Smiling also makes you age slowly. Greet everyone with a smile too. It can be in your home or out on the street. This one day, I decided to greet everyone who passed by me and guess what, the whole day I had such an amazing mood. I dont know what caused the good mood but I think its probably responses from those I greeted cause they were ever so pleasant.

Listen more than you speak

Being a good listener is one good value of someone with a great personality. You tend to discover people coming to you all the time just to chat or share what might be bothering them because you got a good listening ear. Its always respectful when you wait for others to finish talking before you can respond. It also give you enough time to think about our response. Also include good body language to show that you are really involved in the conversation. Listening is great for connecting and you would get to know what the other person is all about. Along the way you build trust.

Keep a healthy lifestyle

Lets not forget, to live a happy long life, you have to be healthy. Eating good and excising is key to a great personally. When you are healthy you are more energized and you also have a great body which makes you even more attractive.

Learn a new habit

We get better by the day as we age and all this is entirely up to the choices you make daily. For better or for worse. You are the author of your life. Try to make a new habit each month for example. You can learn 5 habits to improve your life in 2021 from our previous post. Its very easy to improve for the better. You can literally change your life by adopting new habits.