Valentines Is Coming, Where is your bf ?

Valentines is coming, where is your boyfriend?

Its that time of the season! Love is in the air. Are you ready to express love to those you cherish? Valentines day is one of the most celebrated days on earth. The internet is usually full of pictures of people dress in red, holding flowers, gifts and all sorts of lovely things. I know this can be a tough time for the single ladies. Speaking of single ladies, there is a meme that came out some time last year which inspired me to do this post. 

Valentines is coming, where is your boyfriend ? Lol I can not stop laughing at this joyful song. Its funny and cute at the same time. The song proceeds on to say, “I sent you a dm and you ignored. Valentines is coming, where is your boyfriend ? Your mates are getting flowers and you are so lonely.” lol. This song had a million hits on tiktok amaoung other social media platforms. 

Anyhow, to all the single ladies out there, do not mind this song. lol. Enjoy your life and take it as it comes. If you are wanting a man girl, do not stress, the right time will come and you will see yourself in love. 

Now if you got a man, listen up. This is for you. I know most valentines, the mans get to break their backs to make sure we get spoilt. Lets make things a bit different this time around. I am suggesting that you get your man something really nice beside you being the gift. Imagine suprising your man with something he has always wanted. That would really show how you love him. Try to make an effort and go all out. Here are some examples of what you can get him as a gift : 


Show your man some love by getting a Personalized Gift for Him this is one sweet present you can get for anyone. 


If you get this valentines gift for him i am sure he will spoil you 10 times more. This is a cute hamper. 


Men always have a good relationship with alcohol and if you get him this expensive bottle of whisky as a valentines gift for him, I promise you… Hes going to be one of the happiest man alive.