Brains are the new tits

Brains are the new tits

Lets face it, life as we know it constantly evolves. Back in the day women used to be child bearers and home makers. They were not allowed to work or study even. Women back in the day were not allowed to even express themselves. In some African countries, this day and age women are still oppressed. They are told how to dress and how to act. Its really sad to know that till this day and age, some women are still being treated unfairly. Anyway this post is not about the sadness and challenges we face but rather an empowering post on how we are women are actually really intelligent more than men.

Yes i said it, it is scientifically proven that women are more intelligent than man. Read the following article : Why women are more smarter than men – Nowadays women are not just baby makers, they are winning in all industries. We hare more female pilots than its ever recorded in history. We have so many women in the government now making big decisions. We are no longer being discriminated like back in the days. Though we still have a long way to go, the future is so bright. Looking into this year only, the very first Female Vice President of America Kamala Harris had us all so proud. We are looking forward to so many new achievements in favor of women. 

Kamala Harris

Brains are indeed the new tits. A lot of women are showing the world that it can be done. Lets face it, women are better leaders simply because they value work-value balance. We are great listeners and the nurturing in us help to make decisions that cater for everyone concerned. One other thing, women have super powers when it comes to multitasking. We dream big and we are highly motivated. The fact that the world always pushes us away gives us more enthusiasm and the ability to conquer any challenges set in our way. I am so happy and proud to be a woman. 

Like Beyonce said, “who runs the world ? GIRLS GIRLS!’