Six Things Little Girls Should Know About Women Empowerment

The idea of Women Empowerment has been around for years, but it is now more prevalent in our society and culture. Women Empowerment is the belief that a woman has the power and potential to do and be anything she wants. All it takes is determination and courage. Women Empowerment is more than wearing a cute T-shirt or doing a street dance.

Now, a woman is not just a man’s wife or a mother. As a woman, I have immense power over my life. I can decide to use this power to help others, and this is an important thing is for me. I also have control over my body and can decide what I want to do with it.

The Importance of Teaching Girls About Women Empowerment

People often think that Women Empowerment means empowering women to have the freedom to do whatever they like. This is not the case. Women Empowerment refers to the power of women to have a say in what happens to them in the world, and their ability to be part of decision-making structures.

In short, Women Empowerment is the power I have to make my life better. In the ancient past, women were considered second-class citizens. They had no power to make decisions or act as equals to men. To put women on the same level as men, it has to be taught and encouraged.

I want to teach young girls about women empowerment by introducing them to the following four basic principles:

  • They deserve the same opportunities as boys.
  • They’re worth more than just what they look like.
  • Girls can accomplish the same things as boys.
  • It’s in their best interests to retain their innocence until they’re ready to part with it.

Why Teach Girls About Women Empowerment?

If girls learn that women have the power and potential to be anything, they’ll embed this into their belief system as they grow up. In this digital age, where girls are almost always being taught to be just like men, it is good for them to understand that not all women are like this.

There is a saying that goes, “If you want to make a baby boy, it is best to make a girl.” Girls need to understand that women can do and be anything they want to be.

Six Things Little Girls Should Know About Women Empowerment

1. Your body is not a limitation. Many girls have this misconception that it’s their bodies that get in the way of them being able to do what they want. They begin to believe that they can’t do something, even if they want to because their body has limits. They end up not wanting to do something because they’re afraid of what it would entail or how it will make them feel.

2. You should say “NO” to abusive relationships. Even in the case where a woman is being physically abused, she doesn’t have to stay. She doesn’t have to make herself small to please any man. If a woman wants to end an abusive relationship, she should feel empowered enough to do so without giving the abuser any reason to believe that she is giving up.

3. Be kind to other women. It is said that the most important quality of a woman, is her kindness and gentleness. A kind woman will always have other women’s backs. Women have been put up against one another for so long because of the fear of what they could achieve together. Women are stronger together than alone. Little girls should know that there is absolutely nothing wrong with coming together with another woman and forming a partnership for the greater good or benefit of themselves and others.

4. Learn to stand up for yourself. Standing up for yourself does not mean that you are unruly, it just means that you are strong enough to fight for what you believe in. Women are worth so much, including you. Don’t play small or try to make it seem like you are little when you are worth so much more than you could ever imagine. And remember, you deserve all the beautiful things coming your way!

5. Find your passion and nurture it. Knowing what you are passionate about, can give your life an abundance of meaning. An interest, passion, or gift, if nurtured, gives your life meaning and purpose. Oftentimes, women don’t go after what they want simply because they are afraid of what people may say. Well, this is the new era where women should be so empowered that they do not have any doubt to go after their goals.

6. Always thank yourself. Women need to be kind to themselves, appreciate how much they can carry. Thank yourself for your daily, tiring efforts and all the incredible things that you can do for not only yourself but others as well. As a woman, you are a beautiful being and you should carry yourself as such!

Final Thoughts

The thing is, little girls continue to be empowered by women from all over the world, from independent political leaders to celebrities. I always think about the inspiring women: politicians, artists, journalists, and so on, and silently give them a shout-out. I think this is a good place to start.

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