Self-Care Tips to Practice 2021

Self-Care Tips to Practice 2021

You probably think I am going to start writing about drink water and mind your business, lol though that might be important, I am definitely going deeper this time. Its really important that we take good care of ourselves so we can take care of others better. Love for others start from within. You have to love yourself first in-order to make someone else feel that genuine love. Finding love might be one thing, however if you are looking for love, no need to search because once you in love with yourself, that love will find you. I am going to share with you some tips that will help you love yourself even more by taking good care of you. It all starts from within. 

Connecting with yourself

Connecting with yourself is one aspect of life so many still may not understand. We have a mind, body and soul. In order to be the best version of yourself those three elements have to be aligned. You have to work together as a team that you are. Sometimes your body might want to do this and your mind what to do that, how do you make sure the two get together. For some just taking some time out alone, taking a walk helps. For some its meditation. We are constantly bombarded by stimulus these days, The internet is fighting for our attention, we also have the present to live. It can be so much to keep yourself aligned. 

I personally meditate each morning. That helps me stay focused. I am one person who used to easily get distracted. My eyes and ears would work extra out of the whole body. As all of that information gets in to my head, i would lose focus on what I should actually be doing. After spending some time connecting with my self, i discovered, its not everything that needs my attention. From meditating daily i realized a sense of deep rootedness and connection to what I really have to do for that particular day. 

You may or may not resonate with my experiences but one thing i know for sure is we all constantly fight to stay focused and disciplined. In essence, take some time to yourself, its very important. Go for a walk, check yourself out. Reflect on your current state of life, make some adjustments. Be the best version of yourself each day. Remember this fight is you versus you. 

Work towards your goals

If there is one thing that happened in 2020 for me, its definitely waking up. I am one goal driven person. I would set like 10 goals and ace like 8 of them. Then I would reflect and realize it was lack of self discipline that stopped me from getting the other 2. Then 2020 happened where it was almost impossible to achieve any goal as surviving was the main priority right. Now 2021 is here and I am saying. No More Time For Slacking. We all have set goals and no high hell or thick water will stop one from working towards their goals. 

Committing to yourself is part of self-care. If you say you are going to do something, then it should be done. No room for excuses.

Love your body

We are built differently. Thank God we are otherwise life would have been boring. We are also made differently, some people are tall, some short, skinny, thick, you name it. You have to love your body the way it is. Take good care of your temple. Do facials, manis and pedis, massages and long showers. Take some time to actually sleep during the weekend. I know during the week you tend to get busy. Getting enough rest is amazing for your health. Just taking some time to not do anything will give you more years down the line. 

Exercise is also great self-care. You do not want to have an unhealthy lifestyle this day and age where almost everyone is fit. You may not have time to go to the gym but at-least do some yoga at home. or a quick 30min workout. Do not forget vitamin D. Spending some time in the sun is rewarding to your skin. Apparently it helps distress. 

You are what you eat. If you eat good, you build a good body. If you eat bad, guess what, your body cells and everything in it becomes bad. DO not forget to drink water daily. Self-care should be an everyday thing and i hope this post helps you maintain that. No excuses in 2021, We are applying pressure smoothing. Get with the program.