New Year Ahead, New Resolutions Right ?

New Year ahead, New Resolutions right ?

This horrific year is about to end. I am very sorry for being brutality honest. It is what is is. I am going to spend the next few sentences expressing how I really feel about 2020. First of all its was a normal beginning. January was like any other Jan. New year new me vibes were in place. I personally had started an aggressive workout session because #vision2020 was on my mind like a mthfcka. I was so serious and dead committed to changing my appearance. I worked really hard at the gym, became vegetarian. With in a few weeks, my hard earned efforts had already started to show. As we progressed, Kobe died. Then for the first time, I knew about a place called Wuhan. The city where it all started. Corona Virus was a shock to the whole entire world. Everything came to a stop. I mean why do i even have to tell you all this ? You know what happened. 

Personally I stopped going to the gym because of lockdown obviously, then i started home workouts which faded over time as i was drained by the sudden change. I am so grateful i was around family and i had a roof over my head. For most people life has not been the same till this day. I mean we all had to adjust right ? So many people lost their loved ones, lost jobs, homes and lives. After covid there was also some natural disasters around the world. Theorists claim this could be the year everything will come to an end. I believe we will still get to 2021. I have accepted what transpired in this year and i have learnt from it all. Now that we are two weeks away from the end, are you ready for the new year ? I remember end of 2019 social media was flooded with #vision2020 but this time around its really quiet. I dont blame anyone tho, we are all just traumatized by what happened this year. 

With that being said, 2021 will be a continuation of 2020 if we do not make any changes to our lives. So much happened and believe me you do not want to carry on that same energy over to a fresh start. Do not dwell in the sorrows and sadness of 2020. Rather stay focused on becoming the best version of yourself. Read more books, Create new routines that will keep your life full of adventure. I personally have started reading some books and already there has been a shift, I feel better. I can not tell you my own 2020 experiences on this post but perhaps on a podcast. I have learnt that no matter how many time you are knocked down, still have the courage to stand back up no matter what. No challenge will ever destroy you if you let it. ALL THE BEST IN THE COMING YEAR. 


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