How to take care of your Mental Health

How to take care of your Mental Health

What is mental health 

Mental Health became a big topic amid 2020. I remember back then, it was something i was aware of but hardly paid any attention to it. It was mid September 2020 when i experienced a rude awakening, realizing how i had neglected myself so much, i crushed and burnt. The topic mental health is one of the main reasons I started this blog in the first place. My aim is to educate and assist where i can on matters of personal development. My dream would be fulfilled the moment this content helps anyone to live a better empowered life. I could get into the details of exactly what happened to me, however this post is to emphasize more on how you can take care of your mental health. What is Mental Health, one may ask ? It is a state of being in which one realizes her own abilities, knowing how to cope with pressures of life, as well as working productively and contributing to the world as a whole. Here’s some few tips on how you can take good care of your mental health. 

Watch Yourself

I do not mean literally stare at yourself in the mirror?! lol. I mean watch how you speak to yourself, how you respond to situations and how you react to your surroundings. Its important that you speak to yourself nicely. I know we often very aggressive to ourselves. I do not blame you at all for that, major contribution to that is how we were raised. We tend to criticize ourselves or over analyze and eventually you unintentionally become mean to our-selves. You hurt your own feeling in a way, for example saying things like, “I am not good enough”, or “I am ugly or im not pretty enough”. All this negative self talk has to stop. Its not good for you. It only makes you feel worse. Next is watch how you react to situations or respond to situations. We have no control over things that happen outside of us, we do have control over what happens inside of us. Next time something happens always remember you have the power to determine how you feel. You cant let random coincidences steal your joy. You are in-charge. Focus on you. 

Avoid Drugs and Alcohol

I know our generation is one that is liberated. Back in the day, women were not allowed to drink alcohol. Our generation drinks so much its fascinating. I was a fan of alcohol until i had an alcohol induced anxiety attack. Yup that’s right. Conditions like that do exist and sometimes you will only be aware of it when its too late. As much as its so nice to drink and be intoxicated for a number of hours, alcohol is detrimental to the brain. Believe it or not, alcohol alters how we think and behave while drunk. Imagine over doing that over a period of time. I am not going to tell you to stop drinking alcohol but all i can say is take it easy. Avoid it when you can. I have no experience in drugs however what i can say from seeing others who are addicted is do not do drugs. They will ruin your life. Drugs and alcohol are some of if not the main causes of mental illness to some people.


Take some time off, if you feeling depressed or anxious, apparently sleeping is a natural way of feeling batter. I remember when i struggled with anxiety, sleep always made me feel better. I wouldn’t wake up feeling okay immediately, but over time I got control of my thoughts. Resting allows your brain to relax. Anxiety and depression is caused by over thinking and worrying about the future. Its also entangled with regret and worry. Take a break from the internet. Go on a social media detox. Make sure you rest from your phone as well. A good 2 weeks rest can help you heal from anxiety or depression. One step at a time you will surely get there. Besides taking an internet detox, you have to rest for at least 8 hrs min per day. Over working or lack of sleep is a serious cause of strain. If you find it hard to fall asleep, one thing that works for me is reading a book. I also listen to some 432hz music on YouTube. I find it really soothing. It helps me pass into sleep easily. You should try that. 

Keep Fit 

Last tip of the day, exercise. Working out is not only good for your mental health, its great for your health, body and general immune system. Keeping fit helps your brain stay active, speeds up your heart rate, helps with blood circulation. All this will help your body stay intact. Ultimately keeping you balanced, physically, mentally and emotionally. I am 3 times happier when im on an active workout regime. Gym especially gives me a natural boost. Who has time to be depressed or have anxiety when they are working out right ? Make it a point to workout for 30mins to a hour a day. Its really not too much to as for especially if all that effort contributes to you having a more fulfilling life. I wish you all the best during this journey called life. Take good care of your mental health. If you do not look after your mind, no one else will. You got yourself. Support and comfort will always be there however its your decision to stay sane at the end of the day.