How to love again

How to love again

Have you ever fallen in love ? I am sure you have. So long you are an adult. you might have and its a beautiful thing. Now have you ever fallen out of love? Maybe because your heart got broken? Did he or she hurt your feelings ? I am sorry. I believe heartbreaks happen to almost everyone. My first heartbreak was so painful. I cried for weeks. I felt like it was the end of the world. I never saw it coming. I had to pick myself up from the ground, wipe my tears and move on. The sad part is, it literally took me 3 years to heal from that heartbreak. (ikr) its crazy. Some people take even up to 10 years to heal from a heartbreak. Its not easy having to accept that someone you love does not love you anymore. Its almost unacceptable however, life has a funny way of playing out.

I am going to share with you some of the tips that helped me move on from my heartbreak. I had given up on love and i hated all men simply because of one man. He took advantage of my naiveness and had has way with me. All the lies, the cheating the bullshit. I could spend all day explaining all the bad things he did to me. Right now I just want to focus on how I dealt with the heartache and managed to regain my life again. 

Try to forget

As mush as saying this, its not that easy to forget. Getting a heartbreak for the first time feels like loosing your virginity. Its crazy enough that you lose control of your emotions for a period of time. It affects your work, how you speak, eat, communicate. The best way is to try taking a walk or do anything to keep your mind busy. You might dwell on how this person used to be so good for you, how much you loved them. I know memories to not stop replaying in your head. Trying to forget about the relationship is one of the best ways to get over it. Right now there are so many way you can literally keep your mind busy so you dont have to think about what happened all the time. Remember, you are capable. 

Take the Ls

Thats right, what happened might have been your fault or his, Whichever way, learn from it. Try and see the positive in the situation. I always say, things happen for a reason. For us to learn or progress. Spend some time looking at what the relationship was like. Take the loss and move on. There is really nothing you can do about the past except moving on. Learn and grow from it. I know some people turnout to be the worst from a heartbreak, I believe you know better, make the best out of the situation and shine. Your ex will even be surprised that you are still breathing. 

Reopen your heart

I promise you, when i had my first heartbreak, i told myself and everyone around me that I would never love again. I stopped dating, for a very long time I was all alone full of sadness and resentment. But guess what that did to me? It made me bitter. I was the one miserable while my ex went on with his life like there is no tomorrow. Allow yourself some time to heal. It can been 2 weeks to a month. After that, get on with life, it doe not make any sense holding on to the pain, It will only make you feel worse. My message to you is to let that $hit go. Move on as quickly as you can. Always be the better person and do not let that turn you into an animal you are not.