How To Deal With Negativity in 2021

How To Deal With Negativity in 2021

Hey all. Welcome to this amazing safe space where you can read what i write and hopefully learn something new that can help you become a better person. I had an experience beginning of this day that triggered negative emotions. I am so grateful I am over it right now. Before when something that triggers my negative emotions happen, it would take me days to get over it. I am so happy that I can actually control how I feel and react towards situations. I always say this, We have no control over what happens outside of us but we have control of what happens inside of us, Never let anything or anyone take your joy away. Energy vampires exist and they are real. Some people just can not stand a peaceful happy life and they will do anything to stop you from vibrating positively. Here is how you can deal with negativity in your life. 

Never Take anything personal.

As much as it hurts when you find out someone close to you was gossiping about you or saying things about you that are not true. The subject of the matter is, that person isn’t really okay with their inner self. All they think about is the outward life and they are always watching what others are doing instead of leading their own life. Never take anything that person says personal. Bare in mind of how you speak to yourself. Negative emotions are natural however once you have self awareness you can easily come out of that feeling. Just focus on doing you boo. Never mind the naysayers. 

Protect your energy.

We all have the power to create in life. For you to fully manifest the life you deserve, you have to vibrate high. You have to do whatever it takes to make sure you protect that energy. Always try to walk away from situations that tend to affect your energy. Block out your ears. Ignore. Do whatever it takes. Negativity takes so much from you. I am sure you know this. This year is a chance to make things right. 2020 stole from us and if you are able you can change your life. We have the power and capacity to make our dreams come true. Why let someone come and steal all those chances away from you. 

Do not waste any more time now dwelling in low vibration relationships or feelings. You deserve so much more and there is so much you can do to protect your energy and keep your inner peace in-order to become the best version of you. Always remember you have yourself to success. Keep pushing though. You are doing great.