happy reconciliation day

Happy Reconciliation Day South Africa

Happy Reconciliation Day, South Africa

happy reconciliation day

Happy Reconciliation Day South Africa. Incase you dont know what the holiday is about, Reconciliation day is a public holiday in South Africa. Since apartheid ended, the 16th of December was set as a reminder that all if forgiven. As much as majority of South Africans have healed from what happened, the fact sill remains the same, inequality is still an issue. 

With that being said, 2021 will be a continuation of 2020 if we do not make any changes to our lives. So much happened and believe me you do not want to carry on that same energy over to a fresh start. Do not dwell in the sorrows and sadness of 2020. Rather stay focused on becoming the best version of yourself. Read more books, Create new routines that will keep your life full of adventure. I personally have started reading some books and already there has been a shift, I feel better. I can not tell you my own 2020 experiences on this post but perhaps on a podcast. I have learnt that no matter how many time you are knocked down, still have the courage to stand back up no matter what. No challenge will ever destroy you if you let it. ALL THE BEST IN THE COMING YEAR. 


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