Happy New Year!

Happy New Year

Happy New Year Everybody!! It feels so good to be in a new year. I was so over 2020. Today feels so surreal. It feels like waking up from the worst nightmare ever. I am so happy and grateful that I am present, I can still breathe, my friends and family is all alright. I wish the same for you. Now 2021 has begun and already i have goals set. Unlike last year when everything changed in a blink of an eye, this year i am hoping we will be more vigilant, patient and present. Sometimes just breathing is all you need. Inhale love, Exhale hate. Its as simple as that. 

To be honest, we all had a fair share of challenges, I mean this past year was a test from the get go. We had to adjust and adapt in seconds. Plenty died, If you survived 2020 you are definitely chosen. Never take that for granted. Its an absolute blessing. Moving on, I wish you peace, happiness, good vibes, beautiful friendships and strong family members. Its a time to value those around us more as they will be there to lean on as we all progress through this journey called life. I must say, 2020 helped me build a better relationship with my family. 2021 I look forward to strengthening that relationship. 

January 1st is almost coming to and end. I hope you managed to do whatever you wished for. Brace yourself as we head on to the rest of this amazing opportunity. I am not going to tell you why i have planned however, I aim to be the best version of myself. I promise to still write daily and provide some of the coolest insights i face daily. I look forward to a brighter year honestly. Tough times do not last and surely 2020 as we knew it has come to an end. Some think situations are only going to get worse. I say pray harder for a brighter year. I know we can all ask for anything in prayer and we will receive it. I do not want to repeat the same emotions from the past, I will focus on my present and move on as the clock ticks. 

I pray you may also find peace to dwell more in the present and not focus on what 2020 could have been. Its already gone. What happened can not be undo. The best way is to just appreciate the present situation. It may not be the suitable one, but guess what, you are alive. That’s one reason to be grateful. As you wish for better days, stay hopeful and happy that you exist. Everything else will follow suit.