Females are strong as hell

Females are strong as hell

In Today’s blog post, i decided to write about how we females are so strong. My goodness only God knows what an average African woman goes through on a daily basis. Back in the day we didn’t have to do so much however now we are literally the heads of the households. We work extremely hard, we also raise children and above all take care of everyone. Women are the go to for everyone. Aunties and grandmothers are the anchors of the home. Biologically women are caring. I haven’t experienced child birth yet but i think it comes from that process. I mean giving birth to a whole human being, it gives you some sort of responsibility you know. Watching that child’s teeth come out to seeing them take their first step. Females are strong as hell. Look at the animal kingdom for example, the female lion goes hunting, takes care of the cubs and the whole pride. 

Now looking at the corporate world, alot more women have risen above and they have taken greater positions. All that requires strength, courage and bravery. I am super proud to be a woman. Its a super power to be a woman. There, iv said it. We go through a lot. I can not even begin to explain. I might tell you a bit about it though. As women as are expected to do so much by society. We have to grow up, get married, start a family and raise kids. What makes it worse is if you do not go according to the society standards then you are seen as the “awkward one”. 

Anyhow. It is what it is right ? S/O to all the hard working women out there. Keep on keeping on. Life is really great and we will continue to conquer any challenges that may come our way. We were made this strong for a reason anyway. I mean who else could do it right ?


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