Female-owned Restaurants In South Africa

Female-owned Restaurants In South Africa

Female-owned Restaurants In South Africa

Female-owned Restaurants In South Africa

The food industry is arguably one of the businesses with high-risk prepositions worldwide. Not only does it require a lot of capital, but this industry also faces a lot of competition and the diners’ choice can also be quite overwhelming. Research shows that more than 60% of restaurants are more likely to fail in their first year of operation.

But despite all these challenges, we have women-owned restaurants that have thrived and continue to grow and expand. These women are making a name for themselves in the food industry. Of course, there are numerous female-owned restaurants in South Africa, but we will just discuss a few of them in this piece. Let’s get started!

Female-owned Restaurants In South Africa La Petite Maison

  1. La Petite Maison

This is one of the best restaurants in Melville, Johannesburg. The restaurant was founded by Tyeya Ngxola who was a flight attendant. She now co-owns the French bistro-style restaurant. Ngxola took a bold step and quit her job as a flight attendant to venture into the food industry. She studied at the prestigious Prue Leith Chef’s Academy then moved to Italy to understand more about food and wine. The first six months of her studies focused on the theoretical side of cooking: understanding the basics of a kitchen, the ethics and discipline involved, and kitchen hierarchy.   

2. Riverine Rabbit

Riverine Rabbit is also one of the top female-owned restaurants. It is the replacement of the Ash Restaurant which closed down but with a new concept and atmosphere. It is softer and more open, but still as modern as ash. Their menu, which has been devised by chef Patron Ash Heeger and her sister, Mandy van der Berg is balanced and less meat-based than before. Ash Heeger graduated from Silwood School of Cookery.  If you are a vegan, you should consider visiting this restaurant that is based in Cape Town.

The menu options run from a simple three-course offering to a full-course tasting experience. Even if you are on a tight budget, you can still enjoy a three-course menu at an affordable price. While the menu at Riverine Rabbit restaurant changes regularly, you can still look forward to some tasty dishes.

3. Restaurant Mosaic

Another superb restaurant owned by a woman is the Restaurant Mosaic. The owner, Chantel Dartnall, was named Best Lady Chef at the 2017 Best Chef Awards. If you have dined at Restaurant before, you will understand why Chantel won the award.

Chantel has improved South Africa’s status as a gourmet destination on the global culinary map, thanks to her scrupulous approach to modern fine dining. This executive chef draws her inspiration from fresh, seasonal produce to prepare dishes that taste as delicious as they look.

Chantel combines her classical French training with her love for nature. She is also known for creating the art of nature on her dishes. This award-winning chef is passionate about using organic as well as seasonal produce with her innovative approach of food preparation as well as food presentation.

Everything about the restaurant is charming and appealing, from the décor to the atmosphere and to dishes. You will never come out disappointed when you go dining at this world-class restaurant based in Pretoria.

Female-owned Restaurants In South Africa the Chef’s Table

4. The Chef’s Table

One of the best things that have ever happened to the KwaZulu-National food scene is the Chef’s Table. The female-owned restaurant took excellent dining and made it easily accessible without losing its refined essence. That has been made possible by the young owner and executive chef Kelly-Ann Osborn. Her philosophy which is to let flavors of her ingredients guide her makes her well-crafted dishes sumptuous. If you want to have a taste of the mouthwatering dishes prepared by this executive chef, head out to this Durban-based restaurant.  

Final thoughts

One of the best things South Africa is known for is its diverse cuisine. There are plenty of restaurants in South Africa offering diners mouthwatering dishes. Whichever dish you are looking for in SA, you will definitely find it.

While many women are reluctant when it comes to joining the food industry, we have a few restaurants in South Africa that are female-owned or female-managed and they are doing pretty well. Some of these top restaurants are the ones mentioned above.