Expect Miracles in 2021

Expect Miracles in 2021

Lets face it, the year 2020 was a rude awakening. I feel like I keep repeating myself on this. I really want to express how I feel about the whole year in general. It showed how the materialistic world means nothing. It showed the importance of family, it also showed the importance of self worth, self-love and the connection between us and our creator. IF you are reading this, say a prayer and thank God for saving you. You are here for a reason and you have to make a daily conscious decision to live a better version of yourself each time. Most times we find ourselves over analyzing situations. For example, asking why 2020 happened the way it did? All that no one really has the answer. I for one, found myself in distress asking so many questions. I wanted closure but guess what, I ended up losing my mind. Then i learn that we have no control over what happens outside of us but we have control over what we let happen inside of us. 

I started a serious self-love relationship with myself. I had neglected myself for a very long time it became toxic coz i would let the external factors get to me. It was through a rude awakening I got this year that made me change and chose myself more. I am so happy and grateful for the people who were around me. The positive support really helped me get in touch with myself. To be alive right now is a gift of life. Having to see the sun rise and set, that is a gift. Breathing is a gift. Feeling your heart beating is truly a blessing. Never to be taken for granted. I know the darkness tries to come over us. The devil is always trying to take what is ours. You have the power within you to fight and thrive to be the best version of yourself. 

Finding to fulfilling your purpose in life is one reason you are still alive. You have to seek deep within yourself. I can not tell you what your purpose it however, if you seek you shall find. Do what makes you happy, stay grateful for the life you have, aspire to live the best version of your life everyday. We all went through a lot in 2020 but what i can tell you is expect great miracles in 2021. So many good things are going to happen as we have been prepared for them in 2020. All I can say is stay focused, be aware, practice self-love and self-soothing. Get enough rest, eat healthy, exercise, pray and meditate. Remember not to let the external factors affect how you feel deep within. You are in charge 


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