Eight Bloggers, You Should Be Following if You Want to Look Good

I like to believe that as a woman, there’s a certain in which we carry ourselves and want to be perceived. As the famous saying goes, first impressions last long so it’s best to always put your best foot forward. But let’s be honest- we’re not all fashion gurus and we don’t always have our make-up on to the tee.

What makes it even more challenging is keeping up with the times and trends that are constantly changing. Another frank point to add, we don’t always have our eyes glued to fashion TV.

As a young girl, I went through a phase where I thought I would be a fashion designer. However, that quickly died when I realised that I just don’t have the patience to sow. Instead of feeling bad for not being a Jack of all trades, I draw inspiration from other women who have a love for putting beautiful pieces together and showcasing them.

Here are eight women whose looks I grab inspiration from:

  1. Aqeelah Harron

Aqueelah is the author of Fashion Breed and shares her journey of fashion and beautiful places. She shares her go-to everyday styles, and beauty hacks. Her conscious choices can be seen in how she intentionally pieces items together. For the girl that’s a little conservative yet still wants to make a statement, she’s the go-to girl!  (IG handle: @fashionbreed) (Website: fashionbreed.co.za)

2 Dimma Umeh

Dimma is a Nigerian beauty, fashion, and lifestyle blogger. She strikes a beautiful balance between modern cuts and African prints. Her make-up dos and don’ts are beginner-friendly, so you won’t feel lost when beating your face. (IG handle: @dimmaumeh) (YouTube Channel: youtube.com/c/DimmaUmeh)

3 Sarah Langa

A phenomenal fashion blogger, and stylist who knows how to accentuate her best features with a good tease. Sarah gives us a glimpse into her travels through her vlogs. You will find timeless pieces she’s adorned that you will love. (IG handle: @sarahlanga)

4 Mihlali Ndamase

A self-taught make-up artist and influencer who stays winning in her lane! From an everyday look to a night out, this girl constantly serves looks! If you head over to her Instagram, you’ll always find inspiration. (IG handle: @mihlalii_n) (YouTube Channel: youtube.com/c/MihlaliN)

5 Bonolo Mashilo

Bonolo is a renowned fashion designer that has dressed the likes of ‘Goodness Mabuza’ played by Zendande Mfenyana on The Queen, the Public Protector, Busisie Mkhwebane, and artists such as Lady Zamar. Her diversity speaks volumes about her passion for design and making women feel absolutely beautiful in her timeless pieces.  (IG handle: @bmaishilodesigns) (Website: bmashilodesigns.com)

6 Lucia Musau

Lucia is one of the top stylish fashion bloggers in Kenya. Her fashion style is street with a touch of class. In her blog, she takes us on a journey of hair, fashion, beauty, and lifestyle. She occasionally shares her high-end tips which have garnered many appraisals. (IG handle: @luciamusau)

7 Aisha O’Reilly

Aisha is a mom and blogger. Her look is laid back, simple and stress-free. She knows that moms have their hands full and don’t always dress to the nines. She offers simple ways to feel and look good. She also shares personal insights and lessons about her life and journey as a mom. (IG handle: @aishaandlife)

8 Brett Robson

After being retrenched, she started a fashion and beauty blog in 2010 as a way to create a form of income for herself. Brett understands modern trends and how to keep your wardrobe relevant. Her style is chic and eclectic; a stunner for a girl who wants to be edgy with a hint of sweetness. (IG handle: @brettrobson)

Final Thoughts

All these women are but a drop in the ocean of the many talented bloggers and fashionistas on the African continent. They all stand out in their unique ways. Most importantly, they speak to different women on different days. Feel free to have a look at their blogs and various social media handles for much-needed inspiration.

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