Celebrating Top 5 Female Artists in Africa

Celebrating Top 5 Female Artists in Africa

Today we are celebrating female legends of all Time. I am so proud to be doing a blog post on the Top 5 Female Music Artists. According to my own opinion these 5 women deserve the title. They are hardworking, smart, consistent, beautiful and above all entertaining. Africa has been blessed with so many incredible women who are talented. Finally we have so many women topping music charts. Its something to be a woman, so much is expected from you. Then having a music career can be straining too. So much is expected from you from performance to style and fashion and lifestyle. Living in the public eye can be so demanding however well done to the following ladies on doing such a great job and raising the African flag high! 

Tiwa Savage

My favorite on this whole list is Tiwa Savage, Her angelic voice always soothes my soul. I also love how she’s been faithful to the music despite what happened in her personal life. Nigeria’s favorite songstress recent dropped a new album called Celia. Tiwa Savage is recognized globally. She has won countless awards and I believe she will continue to do so! 

She is currently a single mom to a beautiful baby boy. Based in Nigeria she actually started out as a background singer for Mary J Blige. Can you imagine how it must have been, super cool right ? She actually started this music thing as early as 11yrs old when she relocated to London. I am so happy she followed through her talent because today we are blessed and graced to listen to her precious work. 

Angelique Kidjo

I had no idea who Angelique Kidjo was until she started trending over her winning a Grammy over Burnaboy. Nigerian twitter didn’t take that one lightly however I think she deserves it. I then did some research on her and I actually fell in love with her music. My favorite song being Yemaya. She is originally from Benin. She is a 60yr old singer songwriter, activist and actress.  

For a 60yr old she does not look her age at all. I must say she has taken good care of herself over the years. She indeed found her passion and followed it through. She also has an album called Celia just like Tiwa, She is married with one daughter. I celebrate her today for making it to where she it. The journey is not easy however she has made her way to the top of musicians of all time in Africa. Live on Legend Angelique Kidjo! 

Yemi Alade

Oh hail Queen of Afro-pop, Woman of steel. Yemi Alade is my spirit animal. This 31yr old has been unapologetic about her talent. Ever since she had her hit Johnny in 2014, She’s dropping hits after hits. She works so hard. I wonder if she even sleep at all because every other day she has a song either by herself alone or featuring some other artist. Yemi is loved by her dear Nigeria and Africa has a whole. She is super talented, her dance beats are unbeatable.

Yemi has this unique energy whenever shes in stage, everyone is screaming, some people even faint. She recently did a movie too. I mean how can one be so talented. I love her performance on Black Is King. What a breathtaking show. Having to collaborate with the likes of Beyonce means you are the real deal. Well done Yemi. Today we celebrate your hard-work and success! 

Vanessa Mdee

Veemoney who is now America’s sweetheart after her boyfriend Rotimi proposed. OMG i have always been a fan of Vanessa. I would check her Instagram religiously! I was mad obsessed. She is just perfect. Beautiful, great body, pure personality and divine energy. I must say Rotimi is the lucky one to have her. She’s been on when it comes to music. 

Born in Tanzania, this singer, songwriter, actress, activist, rapper, radio host and TV personality has won multiple awards. There is no doubt that Vanessa is undeniably talented. She is loved by her beloved country. She actually rose to stardom after being a radio host. Now talking more about her love life (the whole internet is obsessed BTW) with Rotimi, they are so so perfect together. I can’t deal Its like that perfect match made in heaven. I celebrate you today Vanessa for being the perfect being you are and all the best in your new life venture. 

Nadia Nakai

I saved the best for last. Our very own Southern African Queen Nadia Nakai. I am so honored to be writing about Nadia right now. She is a true African queen who started from the bottom and made it through the internet trolls and actually survived. Nadia is our own version of Megan Thee Stallion. She is so hot. Pretty talented too. This rapper, songwriter is South African. She has won multiple awards and will continue to do so. She has a new show coming up called The Naked Room if im not mistaken, its going to be airing on Channel O. Then she has a documentary Nadia Naked set to air on showmax. I must say baby girl has always known how to secure bags from day one. Congratulations to you Nadia and today we celebrate your success, perseverance and greatness. 

I hope you guys feel the same way about this list too. If you like more content similar to this. Do not hesitate to contact us.