Black-owned Engineering Companies In Johannesburg

Black-owned engineering companies In Johannesburg

South Africa has the best engineers, and the system continues to produce young talent. There are plenty of black-owned engineering companies in Johannesburg. In this article, we are going to explore some of the black-owned engineering firms in Johannesburg. Let us delve into them.

  1. Semane Engineering Solutions

Semane is an independent majority black-owned provider of various engineering solutions, developing the infrastructure necessary for the future prosperity of Sub-Saharan Africa. The company’s name expresses its commitment toward Black Economic Empowerment. The company strives to produce both functional and beautiful infrastructure. Their dedication and attention to detail are what is making this company thrive. The company’s 20+ years of experience and technical excellence is what makes it deliver high-quality work.

Sesame Engineering Solutions offer engineering solutions, including civil structural solutions, electrical solutions, project management solutions, geotechnical solutions, bulk materials handling solutions, etc.

  1. UGQOLOMA Consulting

This consulting engineering firm is 100% black-owned and managed. The firm was established by a duo of young but experienced professionals with a deliberate yearning for meaningful and successful participation in the South African economy. With over twenty years combined experience as professionals in consulting and contracting, the company covers a diverse spectrum of engineering services such as civil structural and project management services.

Through the company’s strategic alliances, they also have access to expertise in the agricultural, petroleum, and mechanical engineering disciplines. The company’s innovative and proactive approach to doing business can contribute massively to the conceptualization, feasibility, planning, procurement, and ultimately, the construction stages. Of course, this helps in ensuring well-thought and carefully planned, cost-efficient projects. Whatever project UGQOLOMA chooses to work on, they aim to apply their innovation, insight, professionalism, and attention to detail to every stage of the project, from its inception to completion.

  1. Singela Consulting Engineers

Singela Consulting Engineers is a black-owned and managed South African engineering company that prides itself in the understanding of South African Industries, Markets, and Services. This company was established in 2017.  Singela is a duly incorporated engineering consultancy, construction, and specialist project management firm.

Singela Consulting Engineers was formed to curb the shortage of black-owned and managed engineering firms. The company has a team of professionals who strive to offer multi-disciplinary engineering solutions according to the client’s specifications.  Some of the top services provided by Singela Consulting Engineers include renewable energy services, electrical engineering services, plant automation and control system services, building automation, etc.

  1. Ndodana Consulting Engineers [NCE]

Ndodana Consulting Engineers is a popular black-owned and BEE Level I consulting engineering firm in South Africa. Founded in 1994 by Webster Ndodana, a professional engineer with decades of experience, this company has successfully completed numerous projects. They have undertaken and completed many projects right from their head offices in Johannesburg.

Ndodana Consulting Engineers has developed a solid reputation with its clients, thanks to its solid, high-quality, and cost-effective designs. The company strives to provide a service of leadership and technical excellence, which allows the company to undertake and successfully complete even complex projects.

NCE has been able to achieve its success because of the high caliber of professional engineering and support staff working on its projects. The company’s team of professionals is motivated and keen on achieving success, and the company provides them will all the necessary facilities, support, and training they need to succeed in achieving their goals.

  1. Kira Valves & Engineering Company

Kira Valves & Engineering is a black-owned firm that was founded in 2005. This company specializes in on-site services, valve refurbishment, and fabrication services to the engineering sector.

Kira Valves & Engineering Company provides market-leading products, services, and solutions for the most challenging applications and simultaneously succeeds in supporting its clients to keep their maintenance costs to a minimum while maintaining a great turnaround time.

This engineering company is one of the most diversified valve and engineering firms not just in Johannesburg, but across South Africa. The company’s solar-powered workshop, which is based in Johannesburg, holds a refurbishment, blasting, machining, epoxy coating, testing, and fabrication facility, which allows for a combination of services to be done in one workshop.

    1. Seroadime Consulting Engineers [SCE]

    Seroadime Consulting Engineers is also a 100% black-owned engineering firm in South Africa. The company has four professional registered engineers and three female technical associates. SCE is a Civil and Structural Engineering Consulting firm as well as a project management firm. Some of the services offered include contracts management, civil and structural engineering designs, program management, highway engineering, structural engineering, water and sanitation, etc.