5 Ways to celebrate Mother’s Day 2021

5 Ways to celebrate Mother's Day 2021
5 Ways to celebrate Mother's Day 2021

hey ya’ll 

I know its been a while right ?! Today’s mood is all about our beloved moms! How do you intend to celebrate your lovely Queen this year. I know 2020 was trash, we were limited then because outside was closed. Things are different now. There is so many thing you can do to make sure you show your appreciation to your special human being. I am the only daughter from my mum, the only physical copy of her. Though she is no more, I have every reason to help you guys in preparation for this day. This will help me feel the motherly love around me. May her soul rest in peace. I did some research and here is 5 ways to celebrate Mother’s Day 2021.  

1. Buy her a gift 

I had to start with the easiest most default way of expressing your love to her. Gifts are always welcome no matter what size, shape or form. Surprise your queen with something different, don’t buy the same gift every year. Buy something nice. Get her some candles or self-care kits or a new plant, that way she can feel like she’s re-raising you lol 😅 

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2. Cuddle Up and watch a movie

Yes, bonding will make her feel good. Spend some time together, after that special mother’s day lunch… Pick one of the latest movies from Netflix and just cuddle up with her. This works if you manage to steal her from the rest of your siblings. Alternatively, you can all plan to a movie date with her and just cuddle up around her for old time’s sake. I think this would be so cute and memorable for her. 


3. Send her Money

Yes thats right. Send your momma some money. Im talking about big numbers. A good 10 000 minimum. She can decide how she wants to spend the money. You are not working for free are you? Good. So make sure you think about this. It would make her so happy as this gives her options. Money makes everyone happy. 


4. Make her bed 

I know moms can be so particular in how they want things done around their house. On mother’s day, start the day by making her breakfast in bed, then run her a bath. As she is busy, make her bed. Some African moms will shout at you for doing this but guess what, they will appreciate the thought later. You know how it is 🤣 All you want to ensure is she has the most relaxed self care, appreciation day. If you manage to make her bed, please come back to this post with feedback on reactions. 


5. Plan a surprise picnic

Now that we can go outside, plan a surprise picnic for her with the rest of your family. If budget is willing, please go all out! We have been locked up for too long, creating an unforgettable outdoor experience will create such beautiful memories for her. Remember to take all the necessary covid precautions. Here’ a cool idea. 

Make this day special. In-fact the whole month should be good. Spoil her rotten! Best wishes