5 Ways to Attract More Money This Year

make more money this year

5 Ways to Attract More Money This Year

make more money this year

Money makes the world go round. We all love money, in fact we are addicted to it whether we like it or not. I have not met anyone who does not accept money once someone give it to them. I must say, it is the most wanted commodity on this planet. You might have seen something you liked at the shops this week or online but couldn’t buy it because you do not have the money. 

Believe it or not, that happens to almost everyone. Im sure Jeff Bezos has something he wants right now but does not have the budget for it. Anyhow, we as humans we are in constant pursuit of money. Now how does one get more than they usually make ? How do you become a millionaire ? It must be nice for those that have millions already.

I am grateful for what i have. However, I am open to more. Thank you God in advance. I came accross the law of attraction in 2018 March and ever since my life has changed. I have learnt to manifest my heart’s desires simply by vibrating in a way that attracts whatever I need. As simple as it sounds, is exactly how it happens however, you need to practice patience and belief that whatever you desire will come to fruition. In this post I would like us to focus more on how we can attract more moeny this year. Having so much money is a beautiful feeling. Its a confidence boost. Money cleans you up and makes you even more attractive. Lets check out 5 ways to attract more money this year.

  •  Celebrate Other’s Success

When those around you win, celebrate that as you subconsciously allow success to come your way. Being happy for others helps you open up and welcome abundance. If others can attain it, what stops you? Absolutely nothing. You can have it too. Avoid envy and jealousy as those negative emotions only create resistance. The law of attraction works if you vibrate in a positive way and in-order for you to do is if you radiate in positive emotions such as love, joy, curiosity, excitement, happiness and contentment. Practice living a life filled with positive feelings. I know negative emotions come naturally though most of them are caused by our upbringing. Do you best to stay feeling joyful when you see others win!

  • Join the 5am club

This one is a life changing decision. If you decide to wake up at 5am, trust me alot will change in your life. There is a book by Robin Sharma called The 5am Club. In essence, when you wake up ahead of your day, you have enough energy to focus on what you want to do. You are a money magnet and if you focus on doing so as early as you can, the better it would be for you. Waking up early helps set the tone for your day. If you practice meditation and affirmations, believe me, you will see your life become magical. All your money visualizations will come to fruition because you would have set the intention first thing in the morning. PS (pray for me, i need extra strength waking up. lol)

  • Fake it till you make it

Thats right hunnay! you want a million dollars right? As of now, effective immediately start living, believing, feeling like a millionaire. As crazy as it sounds, thats how it actually works. As anyone who has achieve to manifest money. They will tell you. Like attracts like. You have to feel like you have already received that million dollars. When you wake up, when you sleep, you need to breath and express how your life is as a millionaire. Keep that feeling for long enough and guess what, something magical will happen and boom! you have received some unexpected cash. I have manifested unexpected cash before. The best feeling ever!

  • If you can see it, you can achieve it

Visualization is key when it comes to attracting more money. You have to see yourself with the money, you have to imagine what you would do with it, if its shopping, see yourself doing so. Express all the emotions you would feel when you have the money. Practice visualizing every single day. Lets say you want to manifest $5000, all you have to do is see yourself with the money already and start feeling like you already have it. Try visualizing every morning for min 10mins then during the day and before you sleep. Remember consistency is key. If you repeat the step for a number of day, you will receive the money. The Universe is always listening. Let your thoughts vibrate and attract your desires from the quantum field. (too deep? will do a post on this)

  • Adopt Money Affirmations

Final step, affirm, affirm, affirm. You have to see it, feel it and speak it into existence. “Dollars love me, Dollars want me, I am wealthy! I am rich, I am abundant, I am prosperous” These are some of the affirmations you can try. Remember you know exactly what you want, so you can come up with your own. The key is to speak it out. Shout if you can. express it with deep emotions. Feel it from within. Attract it as the money magnet that you are!