5 Truths about the Value of Time​

5 Truths about the Value of Time

Do you know what time it is ? Its learning how to value your time o’clock. Most times we just live day by day in a habitual manner and everything just happens so fast. We are so much on autopilot we lose touch with the present. Stress and pressures from life are some of the culprits that rob you of your time. Its important that we realize how valuable time is. Money comes and goes, statues come and go, friends come and go. All this happens in time. Time lost can never be recovered. Its important that we use our time wisely as our days on this planet are numbered. You only have this one life. Enjoy yourself and make sure you make each second memorable. I have done a list of some truths about valuing your time.

1. Time flies

I have decided to start with the most painful truth y’all. Time flies and it hurts. This usually happens when you are having the best experiences of your life. Time also flies after you turn 25. I am saying this because almost every one is told that you need to attain certain goals and milestones by the age of 25. So if it happens that you reach 25 and you haven’t reached those societal goals, time starts flying. Its crazy, you start feeling this insane pressure to make sure either you married, have kids, or a career. If you follow my advice right now, no need to worry as that only makes you waste your time. If you find yourself in a situation where you realize you have lost so much time working towards something, its important you reflect on the decisions you made to get you to where you are. Once you have done that, do some research, read books, acquire knowledge on how you can make better choices in-order to stop wasting any more time. Remember once time is gone. There is no where you can retrieve it.

2. You dont know how much time your loved ones have left

This second truth is so valuable. Life is short as they say. I for one do not like using that statement because it makes me catch fear feelings. The fact that we all do not know when we are going to die makes me low-key sad. It can just end for you anytime. The thought alone leaves me feeling weak. I hate to admit it but it is what is it. I hope you realize that the time is now for you to show appreciation and love for those around you. Your family, friends or fans. Whoever it is, always be cheerful and appreciative of them. Do random acts of kindness. Express love everyday. Today make a decision to pick up the phone and call your grandparents. Call that distant cousin, find out how they have been and if this year is much better than the last. Send flowers to you mum or aunt. Do something nice for them okay. Should they die, you will rather celebrate their passing than regretting as you would have done the best you can to show them love while they still lived.

3. Time is the best teacher

You agree with me right ? We all have had our fair share of lessons and with the look of things, lessons will keep coming as time goes on. With time you learn how things are done, with time you get to know that even if you are disappointed by relationships you will still find it in your heart to love again. Its funny how everything takes time. I wish one could just learn everything once and then just be ready to live a bomb-ass life. I think time helps us to stay disciplined. I can only imagine what would happen if you could attain all you want and no time was needed. The world as we know it would have ended i think. Some of my greatest gifts, i discovered them through repeating the same experiences time to time. You become a master at something if you have spent more time doing it.

4. Time heals

This is so close to my heart as i can testify that time does heal. Time helped me heal from loss. When my mum died in 2015, i swear i wanted to die too that same year. The following years i spent making reckless decisions, fighting depression and alcohol addiction. It was March 2018 when I completely healed from her loss. It took me a good 2 and a half years to heal. For some people it can be a lifetime. Some do not even heal. I am so grateful that I eventually allowed time to pass then i made a conscious decision to let go. Most cases, practicing gratitude helps you heal from heart aches. As much as you would love to erase those hurtful memories, only time will help your brain forget.  Physical wounds take time to heal too. Its not just emotional. Everything takes time to heal. Australia took time to heal after the early 2020 fires almost destroyed everything. If you are going through something right now and it feels really tough, allow yourself to breathe and time will help you heal.

5. Your time is valuable

One thing i love about life is, we are all given equal time. 24hrs a day. Each day, everyone gets the same amount of time to do whatever they want. Stop making excuses like “oh im sorry I couldn’t make it because of time” or “oh sorry I ran out of time, I will see the kids next week”. We all have rule over our 24hrs in a day. Oprah has the same 24hrs, Jeff Bezos has the same 24hrs. What is stopping you from achieving or attain that goal? Nothing. The best thing you can do for yourself it to manage your time according to methods that will make your life better. I can’t tell you what to do with your time as you know exactly what you want in life. The decision is entirely up to you. All i can say is make sure you audit your time. Do not waste your time browsing meaningless content on social media. Rather invest all those mins learning something new. Do not waste time overthinking. I used to be a prisoner of overthinking, I am so happy that I am free. My time is valuable and I hope you realize that for yourself too.