5 Habits to Improve Your Life in 2021

5 Habits to Improve Your Life in 2021

I grew up being told that life is what you make it. Fast forward to today, that statement is really true. As much as its so vague, we really do make our lives. Our decisions or choices we make daily do contribute to what our lives turn out to be. If you look at it this way, we are programmed to behave a specific way. In essence, you wake up in the morning. brush your teeth, shower, dress up and get on with your day. You literally do the same thing everyday without anyone telling you. Now how come it all seems as if everything is automatic? Its because it really is. We have habits and ways of doing things that we are so accustomed to. No matter what, we do it subconsciously. Its always very intentional too. Whether you are living the life you want or you are still battling to get there… the habits in your life contribute to your success or failure. I have made a list of habits that are guaranteed to improve your life for the better. 

Dont look at your phone first thing in the morning

Our generation is really going through alot of attention battles when it comes to technology. There are so many things that are always seeking our attention. Be it your emails or social media, one thing you can change about your life is to stop checking your phone first thing in the morning. It been said that checking your social media immediately as you wake up, sort of sets the tone of the day for you. You tend to find yourself drowning on tik-tok videos all day and you become less productive. Try to wake up and do your prayers or meditation, then plan how you would like your day to be. Make breakfast… start working then only after 4 hrs you can check your social media. As much as we use our phone for everything, just try your best to avoid logging on social media as soon as you wake up. The pressure is real and you do not want to lose focus on your life thinking about what others are doing. 

Gratitude Journal

I always write about gratitude. I experienced this in my life, when i started showing more gratitude, alot changed in my life. I became more focused, more appreciative of life and happier. Its said that being grateful actually makes you happier. It makes you see life differently. Instead of complaining or worrying or be depressed, look around you. Count your blessings. You have a roof over your head, you have food and clothes. The rest of what you need will come in the right time as long as you practice being grateful. 

Clear the clutter 

Omg I do not understand why some people hold on to old clothes, old shoes, old plates, old toys. Everything that you have not used in 4 yrs at least should be given away or sold. You need to clear room for new things to come in. Besides new things, fresh air even. Clear the clutter in your bedroom, make it neat. Free up space in your wardrobe. We both know you are not wearing all those clothes. Why can you not give them away to charity or something. Your kitchen should be the next place you clear. All those broken machines that do not work no more. Throw away or send to a secondhand shop where they can fix and sell. You have no idea how a clear space brings so much clarity and energy to help you think properly. Do a thorough cleaning of all the rooms and make sure you redecorate. You will feel really good afterwards. Trust me. 

Read for 30 mins

This may not be a favorite for many, however, studies show that if you read for at least 30mins each day, you sleep better. You become intelligent and your brain works better for longer. The way you speaks changes as you will be learning new ways of speech from the reading. You will also acquire knowledge or better life skills just from reading. I will tell you this, my life changed when i read the book, ‘The monk who sold his ferrari’ from that day, i have been so in love with reading. Though I havent bought a new book recently however I am always reading free books from the library. I hope you adopt this new habit. You will tell a different story after a few months. 

Overcome your fears

Last but not least. Over come your fear baby girl. I am telling you this today. Whatever you are sacred of, be it heights or frogs or snakes. Make sure you work towards overcoming it. Its pointless to live a live in fear. First you need to know what exactly you are afraid of, once you have learnt about your fear, you have to imagine yourself experiencing whatever it is. Try that a few more time and you become so familiar with the fear so much that its not scary anymore. Other ways of fighting fear is always thinking positive. Always expect positive outcomes. Everything happens in due time. Last bit of this is, lets say you see something you are afraid of, try as much as you can to breath deeply and slowly. That naturally calms you doing and your mind adjusts and gets comfortable. You cease to be afraid. Its not easy but if you are willing to overcome your fears,,, Anything is possible. 

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