3 Ways You Can Stay Motivated

3 ways you can stay motivated

Every now and then we all set some goals for ourselves. Be it loosing weight or passing a grade to buying a car or getting that promotion. All of that requires hard work, dedication, determination and consistency. For the longest of time, i have been really good with committing to achieving my goals, however i discovered one weakness. Consistency. I realized how this had sabotaged some of my goals. I had to fix it. Sometimes you might even forget why you are pursuing that goal in the first place. Distractions also play a big role. I am going to share with you some of the tips to stay motivated. Its really not a lot but I hope it helps you stay committed to your goals so you can see them come into fruition. 

The first tip I will share with you is how to stay consistent. From my own experience, I would start something really beautiful but after 2 weeks or so, I would find myself not interested in doing anything towards achieving that goal. For me it would be just an emotional decision, I would all of a sudden not feel like doing it. I am sure this is the same for most people too. You have to literally force yourself to do it. It also takes a really strong mindset. Constantly repeating to yourself why you need to do that specific thing will help you fight that self sabotage energy. Its funny how you set your mind to start pursuing a certain goal, then all of a sudden you feel uninspired. I can not tell you exactly why that happens but one thing i know for sure is being a human being is the reason why we find ourselves in such situations. We are filled with so much emotion and hormones and chemicals and bacteria. All of that influences our mind and body chemistry from time to time. Once you understand how you work, it would be very easy to stay focused keeping your eyes on the price. 

Second tip is Remember why you started! Why did you set yourself on that adventure. Keep reminding yourself this everyday. You will find yourself more motivated than ever. I know challenges in life come at any given time but guess what, life still goes on. Once you find that power to still keep pushing on your goal, that new energy actually fuels your passion into fire and in no time you will find yourself already attaining that goal. You know the reason why you want that new body so bad, so stick to the diet or that workout routine. Make sure you keep your mind stimulated but visualizations of how you will look like when you achieve the goal. Actually spend some time just marinating yourself in that feeling of achievement. It really helps you to keep pushing towards your goal.  

The last and final tip is The Reward. There is this great release or beautiful feelings that comes with achieving anything. I dont even have to tell you this because you probably know it already. The feeling is so good! No matter what the goal is, big or small. Just reaching that pinnacle has a beautiful chemical release in your brain. You will feel incredibly amazing. So why would you even want to self sabotage when there is a bigger reward coming your way. Keep pushing. Keep your eyes on the price. Always picture the reward and let that be the driving force to keep doing what you have to do in-order to achieve your goal. All the best and good luck.