3 Ways to stop Self-Sabotage

Did you know that you can be your worst enemy? Sometimes we tend to plan to do something but end up not doing it. That’s called self-sabotage my friends. Its familiar with everyone. I think what contributes the most to that behavior is the incoherence between the brain and the body. Look at it this way, lets say you want to lose weight, then you signup for a gym membership or actually get food items for that perfect diet, then all of a sudden you are not following the diet or going to the gym. Lack of enthusiasm and laziness are the main contributors to self-sabotage. Sometimes its even external environment that discourages us then end up not following through with the goal. I am going to help you stop self-sabotage in 3 simple steps : 

  • Understand self-sabotage

The battle between conscious and subconscious mind is on going daily. Only God knows how he created us, our brain is one complicated organ. Till today scientists are still trying to figure out how exactly does the mind work. One thing i know is there is the conscious mind, which is you in the waking right now and the subconscious mind which is in the background, monitoring, controlling deciding and regulating the rest of your body. Self-sabotage is when you have thoughts leading you to go against your desires. Its funny how your own brain can work against you. It happens almost all the time, usually so much trauma and disappointment in life causes that resistance. Your brain goes into “save me” mood and it literally stops you from doing anything because of the fear of repeating the same kind of pain. The sad part is the self sabotage trait causes an even bigger damage in the end. As much as it subtly happens, always watch yourself and fight hard to accomplish what you have started no matter what. 

  •  Identify the root causes 

In most cases pure laziness is the main cause of self sabotage. That feeling of just laying on the couch or the bed and do nothing. Soaking in the stillness while watching tv or scrolling across social media. I actually blame social media or any other internet stimulation. So many young people have been crippled by internet addictions. The best thing you can do for yourself is to fight laziness. Always look at the bigger picture. Sitting down all day and doing nothing does not contribute to your dreams coming true. That holiday you want will not come to you if you do not work for it. Self sabotage leads to self-destruction. Its a slow death. Each time you compromise on working towards building yourself, you are literally stealing from your future. Some self destructing habits are caused by the way you feel inside. Feelings of unworthy or inadequate cause you to under estimate yourself, hence under working, under performing and not seeing any results in the end. I urge you to take yourself seriously as no one else will do this life thing for you except yourself. 

  • Take baby steps towards change 

Now make a decision to change. I know the feeling can be stubborn. You have to constantly fight. Sit down and think for a second. Support is always available, if the feelings and thoughts are overpowering you and you feel helpless, visiting a psychologist isn’t such a bad idea. Sometimes our brain chemical is imbalanced and only a professional can be able to tell you what to do. Prayer is also not a bad idea. Each time you set up new goals or new plans, put your trust in God and he will take care of everything. You may not have energy but that belief in you can give you that push on a day you feel really low. Day by day it gets better. Just believe. This life is a journey, the road is not the same for everyone, we can all relate on certain subjects but only you can know how you truly feel. All i can say is hold on and keep the promises you make to yourself. All the results are for you or your loved ones at the end of the day. Always remember that.