3 Ways to Express Love

3 Ways to Express Love

Since we are still in the month of February, it won’t hurt to still write about love right? How do you express your love to those who mean the world to you? I know saying you love someone is good enough but I still feel you have to do more to show the person that you love them. Actions speaks louder than words. Today’s post we are going to go through some of the most effective yet easy and effortless ways to express love to that special someone.


This is definitely my fav that’s why I’m going to talk about it first. Being spoilt is one of the most amazing ways to know that you are loved. If you love someone, you can easily get them a gift as a token of appreciation. You can start small and build your way up. For men, usually some beard grooming products would be nice or a tie or old fashioned pair of socks. If you decide to get something unique or big depending on your budget, you can buy him a grill set or a shaving machine for his head. Sometimes just a thoughtful card is more than enough. At the end of the day, you are expressing your love and gratitude for your man.

 Physical touch

This is one way a man will know you love him. Hugs and kisses have always been the best way to express your love. Intimate time too also shows that you love your man. Make sure you put in some effort though. You can plan a romantic night, candle light dinner and have dessert. Not the normal ice-cream pudding, you will be the dessert for that night. Lol. Invest in some gorgeous lingerie and look sexy for your man. Random kisses on his chick or forehead also makes him feel loved. Explore your bodies and find what rocks his world then allow the bonding process to take place in-order to strengthen your love. 

Tell them

Telling someone you love them has always been the best way to express how you truly feel. Love is a very special feeling and sometimes words cannot even express how you feel. Communication is key. You have to always tell your partner you love them. Words like I love you or I miss you will have your bf feeling really special. They will be so into the fact that you constantly remind them about how you feel for them.