Why you need Personal Development In your Life

As life becomes more challenging with many daily demands, many people are opting for education  to navigate the demands of daily lives. Repeatedly, education has been the answer to these demands, challenges and adventures of modern life.  

Personal development can be defined as the conscious pursuit of personal growth by expanding  self-awareness and knowledge and improving personal skills. In other words, personal development  is the innate need to improve the entirety of one. In so doing, many benefits follow such as the  ability to navigate through life with fewer hurdles, employability, self-confidence and ultimately  financial freedom.  

 The modern education system designed a system that makes it very easy and attainable for  everyone to accomplish their quest to personal development needs through online courses for  personal development in various fields, ranging from how to be the best mom course to even  medicine courses. These courses are designed to cater for even the busiest of schedules. In addition,  there are also actual self-development online courses that are meant to teach the person about self esteem, life skills and so much more. 

The University of South Africa was the first in the country to offer online courses or rather distance  learning in the country. The University of South Africa offered courses that were affordable  compared to other accredited educational institutions in the country. The University of South  Africa pioneered open distance learning and many other institutions followed which made online  courses possible for people to enroll. If you are thinking of getting online courses, The University of  South Africa is highly recommended. The University of Johannesburg, University of Cape Town as  well.

5 Ways to celebrate Mother's Day 2021

5 Ways to celebrate Mother’s Day 2021

5 Ways to celebrate Mother's Day 2021

hey ya’ll 

I know its been a while right ?! Today’s mood is all about our beloved moms! How do you intend to celebrate your lovely Queen this year. I know 2020 was trash, we were limited then because outside was closed. Things are different now. There is so many thing you can do to make sure you show your appreciation to your special human being. I am the only daughter from my mum, the only physical copy of her. Though she is no more, I have every reason to help you guys in preparation for this day. This will help me feel the motherly love around me. May her soul rest in peace. I did some research and here is 5 ways to celebrate Mother’s Day 2021.  

1. Buy her a gift 

I had to start with the easiest most default way of expressing your love to her. Gifts are always welcome no matter what size, shape or form. Surprise your queen with something different, don’t buy the same gift every year. Buy something nice. Get her some candles or self-care kits or a new plant, that way she can feel like she’s re-raising you lol 😅 

Check this awesome Mother’s Day Gift Hamper Special. While Stocks lasts.  

2. Cuddle Up and watch a movie

Yes, bonding will make her feel good. Spend some time together, after that special mother’s day lunch… Pick one of the latest movies from Netflix and just cuddle up with her. This works if you manage to steal her from the rest of your siblings. Alternatively, you can all plan to a movie date with her and just cuddle up around her for old time’s sake. I think this would be so cute and memorable for her. 


3. Send her Money

Yes thats right. Send your momma some money. Im talking about big numbers. A good 10 000 minimum. She can decide how she wants to spend the money. You are not working for free are you? Good. So make sure you think about this. It would make her so happy as this gives her options. Money makes everyone happy. 


4. Make her bed 

I know moms can be so particular in how they want things done around their house. On mother’s day, start the day by making her breakfast in bed, then run her a bath. As she is busy, make her bed. Some African moms will shout at you for doing this but guess what, they will appreciate the thought later. You know how it is 🤣 All you want to ensure is she has the most relaxed self care, appreciation day. If you manage to make her bed, please come back to this post with feedback on reactions. 


5. Plan a surprise picnic

Now that we can go outside, plan a surprise picnic for her with the rest of your family. If budget is willing, please go all out! We have been locked up for too long, creating an unforgettable outdoor experience will create such beautiful memories for her. Remember to take all the necessary covid precautions. Here’ a cool idea. 

Make this day special. In-fact the whole month should be good. Spoil her rotten! Best wishes 




Black-owned Engineering Companies In Johannesburg

Black-owned engineering companies In Johannesburg

South Africa has the best engineers, and the system continues to produce young talent. There are plenty of black-owned engineering companies in Johannesburg. In this article, we are going to explore some of the black-owned engineering firms in Johannesburg. Let us delve into them.

  1. Semane Engineering Solutions

Semane is an independent majority black-owned provider of various engineering solutions, developing the infrastructure necessary for the future prosperity of Sub-Saharan Africa. The company’s name expresses its commitment toward Black Economic Empowerment. The company strives to produce both functional and beautiful infrastructure. Their dedication and attention to detail are what is making this company thrive. The company’s 20+ years of experience and technical excellence is what makes it deliver high-quality work.

Sesame Engineering Solutions offer engineering solutions, including civil structural solutions, electrical solutions, project management solutions, geotechnical solutions, bulk materials handling solutions, etc.

  1. UGQOLOMA Consulting

This consulting engineering firm is 100% black-owned and managed. The firm was established by a duo of young but experienced professionals with a deliberate yearning for meaningful and successful participation in the South African economy. With over twenty years combined experience as professionals in consulting and contracting, the company covers a diverse spectrum of engineering services such as civil structural and project management services.

Through the company’s strategic alliances, they also have access to expertise in the agricultural, petroleum, and mechanical engineering disciplines. The company’s innovative and proactive approach to doing business can contribute massively to the conceptualization, feasibility, planning, procurement, and ultimately, the construction stages. Of course, this helps in ensuring well-thought and carefully planned, cost-efficient projects. Whatever project UGQOLOMA chooses to work on, they aim to apply their innovation, insight, professionalism, and attention to detail to every stage of the project, from its inception to completion.

  1. Singela Consulting Engineers

Singela Consulting Engineers is a black-owned and managed South African engineering company that prides itself in the understanding of South African Industries, Markets, and Services. This company was established in 2017.  Singela is a duly incorporated engineering consultancy, construction, and specialist project management firm.

Singela Consulting Engineers was formed to curb the shortage of black-owned and managed engineering firms. The company has a team of professionals who strive to offer multi-disciplinary engineering solutions according to the client’s specifications.  Some of the top services provided by Singela Consulting Engineers include renewable energy services, electrical engineering services, plant automation and control system services, building automation, etc.

  1. Ndodana Consulting Engineers [NCE]

Ndodana Consulting Engineers is a popular black-owned and BEE Level I consulting engineering firm in South Africa. Founded in 1994 by Webster Ndodana, a professional engineer with decades of experience, this company has successfully completed numerous projects. They have undertaken and completed many projects right from their head offices in Johannesburg.

Ndodana Consulting Engineers has developed a solid reputation with its clients, thanks to its solid, high-quality, and cost-effective designs. The company strives to provide a service of leadership and technical excellence, which allows the company to undertake and successfully complete even complex projects.

NCE has been able to achieve its success because of the high caliber of professional engineering and support staff working on its projects. The company’s team of professionals is motivated and keen on achieving success, and the company provides them will all the necessary facilities, support, and training they need to succeed in achieving their goals.

  1. Kira Valves & Engineering Company

Kira Valves & Engineering is a black-owned firm that was founded in 2005. This company specializes in on-site services, valve refurbishment, and fabrication services to the engineering sector.

Kira Valves & Engineering Company provides market-leading products, services, and solutions for the most challenging applications and simultaneously succeeds in supporting its clients to keep their maintenance costs to a minimum while maintaining a great turnaround time.

This engineering company is one of the most diversified valve and engineering firms not just in Johannesburg, but across South Africa. The company’s solar-powered workshop, which is based in Johannesburg, holds a refurbishment, blasting, machining, epoxy coating, testing, and fabrication facility, which allows for a combination of services to be done in one workshop.

    1. Seroadime Consulting Engineers [SCE]

    Seroadime Consulting Engineers is also a 100% black-owned engineering firm in South Africa. The company has four professional registered engineers and three female technical associates. SCE is a Civil and Structural Engineering Consulting firm as well as a project management firm. Some of the services offered include contracts management, civil and structural engineering designs, program management, highway engineering, structural engineering, water and sanitation, etc.

Top Interior Designers In Cape Town

Top Interior Designers In Cape Town

Top Interior Designers In Cape Town

Top Interior Designers In Cape Town

If you are looking forward to redesigning your residential or commercial space in Cape Town, then you know you definitely need to talk to an interior designer. There are numerous interior designers in Cape Town, which can make it quite difficult to choose one.

However, when you want to choose the best interior designer in Cape Town, there are several things you need to consider including experience and reputation. Since we know hectic it can be to find the best interior designer in Cape Town, we have compiled a list of some of the top interior designers you can work with. Whether you are looking to refresh your living space or redesign your office, these top interior designers in Cape Town will help you achieve that.

Here is our list of the top interior designers in Cape Town.

  1. John Jacob

John Jacob is arguably one of the top interior designers in Cape Town. With their 25 + years of experience, they will definitely give your space a new look. For John Jacob, interiors need to have layers of meaning that work in harmony not just to create a cohesive living environment, but also create an experience that engages your senses.

Since its creation in 2005, John Jacob interiors have been able to create highly bespoke interiors not only in Cape Town and Johannesburg, but it has also designed stunning spaces internationally in Berlin, London, and Oslo.  Other than that, this top interior design company in Cape Town has also been featured in publications, such as House & Garden, House & Leisure, Elle Décor, and Vis. They have also won numerous awards for their luxurious interior spaces.

top interior designers in cape town ab design

2. AB Design

Another top interior designer in Cape Town on our list is AB Design. This interior design company not only ensures that their designs last but they also strive to build a long-lasting relationship with their clients. The company will ensure that they help you realize your dreams and goals through their experience, professionalism, and their good designs. They can even offer insights if you are stuck.

They offer services such as residential design, commercial design, exhibition design, retail design, and product design, to assist their clients in designing a wide variety of environments and applications.

top interior designers cape town dhk thinkspace

3. DHK Thinkspace

If you are looking for a top interior designer that can help you refresh your residential home or commercial space, you can talk to DHX Thinkspace. The award-winning interior designer offers services, such as urban design, interior design, landscape architecture, etc.

By offering an incorporated approach to design combined with innovative and cost-effective solutions, this interior design company has garnered not only local but international recognition too due to the numerous projects they have done internationally.

With their steady commitment to design excellence, DHK Thinkspace has earned multiple architectural and design awards and even won several international competitions. So if you want to maximize the style and functionality of your living space or commercial space, you can talk to them today.

top interior designers cape town cecile and boyds

4. Cecile and Boyde

Cecile and Boyde interiors offer a wide range of interior services including creative direction, interior architecture, and decoration. The company’s approach to designing the concept for a space is unique to the environment and the atmosphere of the space they are creating.

Cecile and Boyde interiors will identify the appropriate architecture and the overall layout of the room, articulate the electrical layouts, and determine the flow and proportions of the space. Afterward, they will style the space with a selection of sleek materials, furniture, and furnishings.

If you want help in creating an elegant, eye-catching residential or commercial space, you can contact the team at Cecile and Boyde today.

Top Interior Designers In Cape Town soda creations

5. Soda Creations

Soda Creations is one of the interior designing companies that are the oldest in Cape Town. With their 30 years of experience in all aspects of interior design and project management, this top-rated interior design company in Cape Town can help you create an elegant and beautiful residential or commercial space.

Soda Creations has branches in Cape Town and Johannesburg, but it can handle projects anywhere. This interior design company pride itself on timely completion of their projects, with the best interior designers, while being budget-conscious.

Soda Creations has its own shopfitters as well as a dedicated team of subcontractors, including plumbers, electricians, tillers, etc. Soda’s main areas of focus include:

  • Hospitality [restaurants, boutique hotels, night clubs, bars, etc]
  • Domestic interiors and custom furniture
  • Executive offices
  • Retail [clothing stores, etc]

If you want to upgrade your office or give your home a new look, you can contact Soda Creations today.

Final words

There you have it- the top interior designers in Cape Town. So whether it is a residential, commercial, or retail space you want to remodel, the interior designers on our list can help you with all that. Choose any of them and get started on achieving your dream space today.

Female-owned Restaurants In South Africa

Female-owned Restaurants In South Africa

Female-owned Restaurants In South Africa

Female-owned Restaurants In South Africa

The food industry is arguably one of the businesses with high-risk prepositions worldwide. Not only does it require a lot of capital, but this industry also faces a lot of competition and the diners’ choice can also be quite overwhelming. Research shows that more than 60% of restaurants are more likely to fail in their first year of operation.

But despite all these challenges, we have women-owned restaurants that have thrived and continue to grow and expand. These women are making a name for themselves in the food industry. Of course, there are numerous female-owned restaurants in South Africa, but we will just discuss a few of them in this piece. Let’s get started!

Female-owned Restaurants In South Africa La Petite Maison

  1. La Petite Maison

This is one of the best restaurants in Melville, Johannesburg. The restaurant was founded by Tyeya Ngxola who was a flight attendant. She now co-owns the French bistro-style restaurant. Ngxola took a bold step and quit her job as a flight attendant to venture into the food industry. She studied at the prestigious Prue Leith Chef’s Academy then moved to Italy to understand more about food and wine. The first six months of her studies focused on the theoretical side of cooking: understanding the basics of a kitchen, the ethics and discipline involved, and kitchen hierarchy.   

2. Riverine Rabbit

Riverine Rabbit is also one of the top female-owned restaurants. It is the replacement of the Ash Restaurant which closed down but with a new concept and atmosphere. It is softer and more open, but still as modern as ash. Their menu, which has been devised by chef Patron Ash Heeger and her sister, Mandy van der Berg is balanced and less meat-based than before. Ash Heeger graduated from Silwood School of Cookery.  If you are a vegan, you should consider visiting this restaurant that is based in Cape Town.

The menu options run from a simple three-course offering to a full-course tasting experience. Even if you are on a tight budget, you can still enjoy a three-course menu at an affordable price. While the menu at Riverine Rabbit restaurant changes regularly, you can still look forward to some tasty dishes.

3. Restaurant Mosaic

Another superb restaurant owned by a woman is the Restaurant Mosaic. The owner, Chantel Dartnall, was named Best Lady Chef at the 2017 Best Chef Awards. If you have dined at Restaurant before, you will understand why Chantel won the award.

Chantel has improved South Africa’s status as a gourmet destination on the global culinary map, thanks to her scrupulous approach to modern fine dining. This executive chef draws her inspiration from fresh, seasonal produce to prepare dishes that taste as delicious as they look.

Chantel combines her classical French training with her love for nature. She is also known for creating the art of nature on her dishes. This award-winning chef is passionate about using organic as well as seasonal produce with her innovative approach of food preparation as well as food presentation.

Everything about the restaurant is charming and appealing, from the décor to the atmosphere and to dishes. You will never come out disappointed when you go dining at this world-class restaurant based in Pretoria.

Female-owned Restaurants In South Africa the Chef’s Table

4. The Chef’s Table

One of the best things that have ever happened to the KwaZulu-National food scene is the Chef’s Table. The female-owned restaurant took excellent dining and made it easily accessible without losing its refined essence. That has been made possible by the young owner and executive chef Kelly-Ann Osborn. Her philosophy which is to let flavors of her ingredients guide her makes her well-crafted dishes sumptuous. If you want to have a taste of the mouthwatering dishes prepared by this executive chef, head out to this Durban-based restaurant.  

Final thoughts

One of the best things South Africa is known for is its diverse cuisine. There are plenty of restaurants in South Africa offering diners mouthwatering dishes. Whichever dish you are looking for in SA, you will definitely find it.

While many women are reluctant when it comes to joining the food industry, we have a few restaurants in South Africa that are female-owned or female-managed and they are doing pretty well. Some of these top restaurants are the ones mentioned above.